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Living with food sensitivities is difficult, but travelling or moving to a new country with dietary restrictions can be extremely challenging —especially in a country like Japan where alternative food options are few and far between! Online guides usually limit their recommendations to metropolitan areas like Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto, which makes it seem like people can’t meet their dietary needs outside of these major cities. However, we are happy to announce that Sendai does have options for people with food sensitivities, or for those who simply prefer a whole food organic diet and lifestyle. Let us proudly introduce you to the safe haven that can accommodate all your needs!

Healthy Hut is a three-in-one store, café, and restaurant dedicated to people with sensitivities to various allergens. Divided into a dining and a shopping area, this cozy café-restaurant has a family-friendly zone with a separate playing and dining area for families with children. Of course, there is also a sit-in dining area for everybody else too! The shopping area is filled with allergen-free food items and household products, along with freezers equipped with ready-made dishes which do not contain eggs, dairy, gluten, etc. The customers can freely choose whether to dine in, warm up the meals at home, or buy allergen-free ingredients for a worry-free cooking experience.

The main idea behind Healthy Hut lies in the owner’s ambition to support families and people suffering from allergies. Rather than giving up on their favorite Japanese dishes, Healthy Hut is determined to provide people with subsitutes and alternatives so that they can prepare and enjoy these dishes in a new way!

Upon entering the store, the staff kindly welcomes you by asking about your dietary restrictions. They do this to provide the most suitable recommendations to fit their customer’s needs. Although they do not speak fluent English, they are ready to give translations and careful explanations about each product. There is no need to feel like a burden for asking too many questions, as this is a no-judgement area filled with understanding for your condition!

What’s more, the staff has a wonderful way of making your allergen-free life exciting by offering frequent workshops and all-you-can-eat buffets. You can rest easy at these events knowing you won’t accidentally eat something you shouldn’t. With their affordable set menu, you are in for a treat, be it delicious desserts or a carefully crafted allergen-free menu offering a variety of traditional Japanese and Western dishes.

Who would have thought that allergen-free life in Japan could be so delicious?


Photo: Jowesh Goundar

The History of Healthy Hut

Kumi Mita is the owner of Healthy Hut, a business established to provide products for people with food allergies and those searching for healthy food alternatives. Originally just a store launched by Mita-san and her husband —who both suffered with food sensitivities their entire lives— it slowly grew into so much more with a very active community. In 1989, they launched the "Appurunrun Club," an association supporting parents with children suffering from allergies. Together with other mothers, Mita-san spearheaded an initiative demanding that the Miyagi Children's Hospital implement steps to effectively manage food allergies and assist people with this condition. This occurred during a time when there were few doctors who specialized in this field, and the phrase "food allergies" was largely unknown in Miyagi Prefecture, and the country at large. In 1999, this establishment began offering baked goods (bread, cakes, etc.) that did not include eggs, dairy, or wheat flour, the first of its type in the entire country. A series of unfortunate events eventually lead Mita-san to relocate their shop from the commotion of Kokubuncho to its present location in Miyagino Ward. The relocation served as an opportunity to open the small hearty café-restaurant in addition to the shop. There was no café in Japan at the time that catered to the dietary requirements of people with food sensitivities. However, being somebody who struggled to get her own health condition acknowledged, she felt inspired to create a safe haven where everyone's food sensitivities are respectfully regarded and accommodated.



1-4-26 Odawara, Miyagino Ward, Sendai
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12-minute walk from Sendai Station East Exit, or 1 minute walk from Tokiwagigakuenmae bus stop (常盤木学園前). Private parking also available.


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